Gallas reveals sacrifices he made for Chelsea

Former Chelsea defender William Gallas recently revealed that he was heavily depending on pain killers to star in the club’s matches.

He said for two months he was receiving pain killing injections while he was with the Blues. The former French international said he was in pain. The discomfort prevented him from training, yet he featured for Stamford Bridge as there was shortage of defenders.

“When I was at Chelsea, I’d sprained my ankles really badly and at that time there were no more defenders. It was necessary that I played the next games, and every time, I was allowed injections. They lasted around, let’s say, 80 minutes, and the final 10 minutes was just excruciating pain. I had to do that for more than two months,” the former player said.

He claimed he really couldn’t do without the injections so he would miss training sessions for weekend games until Thursdays or Fridays. Gallas played 159 games for Chelsea, but he didn’t accuse the club of forcing him to take the injections and feature.

During Jose Mourinho’s first spell at Chelsea, Gallas was a regular figure. His prowess helped tame attacks of opponents in the trophy-laden campaign. However, Gallas left the club on a controversial note. He moved to the competition – Arsenal as part of a deal that allowed Ashley Cole move to Chelsea. After a while, Arsenal refused to meet his terms, so he moved to Tottenham in 2010. Gallas remained one of the standout midfielders in the Premier League’s history. His run for Chelsea was impressive.

Daniel Agger – ex-Reds – revealed how painkillers messed up with his system when he used them. He was with Liverpool for almost a decade before he returned to his home country. Many players have opened up on what they pass through due to injuries later in the careers.