Guus Hiddink doesn’t think that Cesc Fabregas would be morally affected

Guus Hiddink doesn’t think that Cesc Fabregas would be morally affected if there is some hostility dished out his way in the upcoming Premiership match versus Arsenal.

Febregas is believed to be going to have to cope with some verbal coming from the Arsenal supporters at Emirates on Sunday.

But, according to Hiddink, the Spain playmaker is strong enough to handle that and it would be the last thing to be bothering him.

Hiddink is actually of the view that it would fire Fabregas up if anything.

Fabregas was an Arsenal captain during his previous stint in the Premier League and was a highly respected individual at the club.

But, after joining the local rival club Chelsea the previous season, he has turned into a villain in the eyes of the Gunners faithful and they are just not ready to forgive him for that.

Whenever the midfielder has featured for Chelsea against the Gunners in the last one and half years, the fans have always had something to say to him and it has happened not only at Emirates, but, at Stamford Bridge too.

However, Fabregas hasn’t shown any sort of frustration over that so far and that’s something that Hiddink has liked.

In the words of Hiddink, “There are different ways of reacting to criticism, but, the correct way is to perform and to make your team do well and that’s what Cesc Fabregas has done.”

When asked about the ‘snake’ remark made to Fabregas recently by a Chelsea security official, Hiddink said, “As I told you, he is not one of those who get bothered too much by the negative comments. It would in fact motivate him.”

That insulting remark cost that security official his job as he was handed axe by Chelsea.