Arsenal needs to stop trying to play perfect football

Former Arsenal player William Gallas has voiced his thoughts concerning what Arsene Wenger and what his squad have to do in order to truly contend for the Premier League title, which is what they have been aiming to accomplish for the past few years but have failed to lift in over 10 years.

For the past few years, Arsenal has been edging closer and closer to the 1rst place spot of the top tier English League. During the 2015-16 season of the English League, Arsenal had to settle with the 2nd position and in the season prior to that one in the 2014-15 season, Arsenal secured the 3rd spot.

It’s evident that Arsenal has been progressing but they just aren’t able to go all out and win the Premier League and according to William Gallas, what the team of Arsene Wenger needs to do is stop attempting to play ‘’perfect football’’

The 39 year old retiree William Gallassaid: "When you play away from home, you have to be ready physically and mentally. Sometimes, Arsenal want to play perfect football too much. Sometimes you have to say, 'No, stop.' You have to be solid at the back, reply physically, and after that you impose your style of play. And unfortunately with Arsenal, it's not like that."

During the playing career of William Gallas, he spent 4 years performing with the Arsenal jersey and the Frenchman believes that Arsene Wenger needs to stop attempting to implant his own philosophies and teach his team to scrap for points in their away games.

Whether or not Arsenal win the Premier League is something that only time will tell but Gallas is certain that Wenger follows his advices, they are going to have a better chance of accomplishing their primary goal.

Europe’s Top 5 Leagues Head-to-Head

Leicester City became the sixth club to ever win the Premier League back in May as Claudio Ranieri guided the East Midlands club to a shock title. Leicester’s football odds to win the league were an incredible 5000/1 at the start of the season.

The Foxes joined Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City to have been crowned champions of what many consider to be the most-exciting league in the world.

Others argue Spain’s La Liga where Real Madrid currently have a six-point lead over the rest of the field and where both they and Barcelona have combined to win 19 of the previous 24 titles since 1992 when the Premier League was formed.

During the same period, Spanish teams have been the most successful in the UEFA Champions League – Europe’s elite club cup competition, winning it on nine occasions. That’s Real Madrid five times and Barcelona four.
Despite the success of these two huge footballing giants, the Premier League boasts both the highest television viewers across the world and the highest television rights.

The Premier League secured an incredible £5.14 billion deal over three years in February 2015 that kicked off this season. The 20 teams in this season’s Premier League are to land a windfall of cash.

13 clubs in England’s top flight even broke their transfer record in the summer to show how significant the new TV deal is worth and how important club owners know it is to stay in the Premier league for the next three years at least.

Last season's Championship winners Burnley splashed out on £10.5 million on Jeff Hendrick from Derby County, whilst Bournemouth paid a staggering £15.3 million for former-Derby loanee Jordon Ibe. The winger arrived from Liverpool with 41 appearances to his name but only one Premier League goal and three assists. Simply put, transfer fees really don't mean much at all to clubs in the English top flight any more.

In Germany there are few clubs with such spending power, but one club that do is Bayern Munich. With significant money splashed out on the likes of Manuel Neuer, Renato Sanches and Douglas Costa in recent seasons, the Bavarians are expected to extend their number of Bundesliga titles over the coming years.

Since the formation of the Premier League back in 1992, Bayern Munich have been champions of Germany 14 times. In comparison, Manchester United have won the Premier League 13 times, Barcelona have won La Liga 12 times, Real Madrid seven, and Juventus have been top of the Italian pile 10 times during this period.

Paris Saint-Germain have won the French league five times since 1992 and Lyon seven times. Ligue 1 can actually boast the biggest variety of champions since the Premier League started with 10 in all. This includes Nantes in 1994-05, Auxerre in 1995-96, and RC Lens in 1997-98.

In comparison, Germany has seen six different champions like England, whilst Spain and Italy have only had five different clubs lift their crowns over the past 24 seasons.

If you enjoy these stats then there are more on the graphic below:

The North London derby is more tactical now, according to William Gallas

William Gallas is a former Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur player who has recently revealed his thoughts concerning the eternal rivalry between those clubs.

The Frenchman believes that when both of those clubs face off, this derby has suffered a significant change as it has turned more tactical and less physical.

“I wouldn’t say the derby is more intense now because I remember playing in this game and it was more intense physically and the impact of the game was more intense too. I hope the derby on Sunday will be electric. I remember 10, 15 or even 20 years ago; all the players were fighting for the ball and running everywhere. They always had big arguments on the pitch and I think the fans were very proud to see their players fight hard to win this game. “Now it changes a little bit, it’s more tactical.’’ William Gallas said.

Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur faced off on November 6 of the ongoing year in this season of the Premier League which resulted in a 1-1 draw with both sides securing 1 point.

Gallas spent around 4 years performing with Arsenal and when his contract ran up, he opted to make a switch to their rival club Tottenham Hotspur which is something that angered many fans.

The 39 year old Frenchman is a retiree that has had many issues in the past with other players and even with his own teammates as he was named as the coach of Arsenal on 2007 but in the following season, he was removed from that role after Gallas had publicly criticized his own teammates during an interview.

Gallas reveals sacrifices he made for Chelsea

Former Chelsea defender William Gallas recently revealed that he was heavily depending on pain killers to star in the club’s matches.

He said for two months he was receiving pain killing injections while he was with the Blues. The former French international said he was in pain. The discomfort prevented him from training, yet he featured for Stamford Bridge as there was shortage of defenders.

“When I was at Chelsea, I’d sprained my ankles really badly and at that time there were no more defenders. It was necessary that I played the next games, and every time, I was allowed injections. They lasted around, let’s say, 80 minutes, and the final 10 minutes was just excruciating pain. I had to do that for more than two months,” the former player said.

He claimed he really couldn’t do without the injections so he would miss training sessions for weekend games until Thursdays or Fridays. Gallas played 159 games for Chelsea, but he didn’t accuse the club of forcing him to take the injections and feature.

During Jose Mourinho’s first spell at Chelsea, Gallas was a regular figure. His prowess helped tame attacks of opponents in the trophy-laden campaign. However, Gallas left the club on a controversial note. He moved to the competition – Arsenal as part of a deal that allowed Ashley Cole move to Chelsea. After a while, Arsenal refused to meet his terms, so he moved to Tottenham in 2010. Gallas remained one of the standout midfielders in the Premier League’s history. His run for Chelsea was impressive.

Daniel Agger – ex-Reds – revealed how painkillers messed up with his system when he used them. He was with Liverpool for almost a decade before he returned to his home country. Many players have opened up on what they pass through due to injuries later in the careers.

William Gallas almost selected Fiorentina over Chelsea

In the 20+ year-long playing career of William Gallas, the now retired French player has performed with a number of clubs including: Marseille, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Caen and Perth Glory.

It was with Chelsea where he managed to become more well-known as the Frenchman was able to lift the Premier League title on 2 occasions as well as a FA Community Shield and Football League Cup.

The time that he spent performing with the club at Stamford Bridge was the most prolific one for the Frenchman as this was when he lifted the biggest pieces of silverware in his playing career but William Gallas has recently revealed that he was on the verge on joining Fiorentina instead of the Premier League club.

"I turned down the chance to go to Fiorentina before I went to Chelsea. That was down to Pape. His plan for my career was for me to play for France. After Marseille, I wanted to go to Fiorentina, because it's sunny there. You know, you're in Marseille, you get up, it's sunny, you're happy to go to training and Pape was talking to me about Chelsea.’’ William Gallas said as he stated that his former agent, Pape Diouf told him to join Chelsea instead of Fiorentina.

William Gallas retired over 2 years ago and looking back at the playing career of the Frenchman, it’s obvious that joining Chelsea was the best decision as he made a number of superb performances at Stamford Bridge, his time spent as a player of Chelsea was so impressive that he was included in the Professional Footballers’ Association Team of the Year during the season of 2002-03 and 2005-06.

Even though William Gallas also performed with a few other top Premier League clubs such as: Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, Gallas could never earn as much recognition as he did with Chelsea.


Manchester United and Manchester City coaches Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola continue with the sidelining of players this season.

The Premier League is boiling with excitement as the end is going to be very interesting with the antics the managers have up their sleeves in a bid to outdo one another. Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger already knows this but confirmed it publicly saying:

“It is a very exciting season. It looks like that [more difficult than ever] because it is a little bit world championships of managers as well, which means a lot of ambitions come with that as well and the expectation level everywhere is very high.”

The expectations are really high and the managers are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their aim. This includes expelling any player they do not want. Many have shown their disappointment with the way Mourinho is handling Veteran Bastian Schweinsteiger as the Portuguese tactician sees him as a German injury-plagued liability. He said: “Well, if they were not in my plans, I would not give them one single minute. I wouldn’t keep them in my squad.”

Mourinho didn’t start now, in his two times as Chelsea’s manager, he has sent players on exodus. In his first stint, there was Arjen Robben who has the tendency to pick up injuries every now and then, Mou kicked him out. French defender William Gallas left Stamford Bridge after his issues with the coach. Mourinho kicked out several like Adriano, Hernan Crespo – at Chelsea and Inter Milan.

At Madrid, he upset many by kicking out Iker Casillas. In his second spell at Chelsea, he cleared everyone from Cech to Ashley Cole, Luiz, Essien, Juan Mata, Schurrle, De Bruyne and Lukaku – who they are begging to resign.
In the same city of Manchester, Guardiola is showing he is in charge by keeping out Yaya Toure and Joe Hart from his squad. Despite his initial comments when he arrived at the Etihad, he has done just what he wanted. After pushing out Eto’o, Ronaldinho and Deco, Guardiola made several changes at Bayern Munich to reach his goal. The players that have been pushed out are just the unfortunate ones this term; it’s an age-long cycle.

Tottenham Hotspur finishes their pre-season on a high note

Tottenham Hotspur kickoff their 2016-17 Premier League campaign on August 13 as they have to face off with Everton and they are going to this match with a positive attitude after having blasted 6 goals past Inter Milan in the International Champions Cup.

On August 5, Tottenham locked horns with Inter Milan in a match that concluded with the English club claiming a 6-1 triumph over the Italian side and this is what the team of Mauricio Pochettino needed in order to bounce back from their previous pre-season matches which saw them losing against Athletic Madrid and against Juventus as well.

‘’I was pleased with all of it! It’s true we need to analyze the game and improve in certain areas but I’m pleased with everything, very happy. The performance was good but in football, you can’t stop, you have to try to improve every day.It was important to finish our pre-season in a very positive way and important to win.

It was the first time the players involved in the Euros played and it was fantastic to see them all together. Now we have another week to prepare for the game against Everton and we will arrive ready to compete.” Tottenham Hotspur’s Mauricio Pochettino said following the dominating victory of his team over Inter Milan.

The 2016-17 season of the Premier League is only a few weeks away from beginning and this kind of triumph is what Tottenham Hotspur needed to finish their pre-season schedule and they are hoping that this triumph will allow them to start the upcoming season in a positive form and win their opening match which is against Everton.

William Gallas has revealed that he congratulated his former manager Claudio Ranieri

Former Chelsea defender William Gallas has revealed that he congratulated his former manager Claudio Ranieri for winning the Premier League title with Leicester City.

It remains as one of the unprecedented achievements by any club in English football history considering the level of competition at the top division. The likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City have dominated the game in the last decade, while the list extends only to Arsenal when the entire Premier League history is taken into account. Amidst such intense competition, Ranieri was able to take a team that had just avoided relegation in the previous season and win the title.

Gallas was one of the players signed by Ranieri when he was at Chelsea for a period of four years before being sacked after the arrival of Roman Abramovich. His good work done with Leicester have led many people to look back at his time at Chelsea. The blues enjoyed a lot of success from the players signed by the Italian and this includes Gallas, who later went on to play for Arsenal and Tottenham before recently retiring from football. Gallas has also recalled the criticism of Ranieri that the Italian has not won major trophies with other clubs. He believes that the Italian has just not been lucky enough at his previous clubs.

"I was very happy for him because I knew him from Chelsea, we were together for two to three years. I wanted to thank him. I had the opportunity to thank him today.I was very proud for him because he had not won anything for a long time. I think he did a great job at Leicester, especially with the team he had, it was not obvious. He put a lot of rigour in this team and at the end of the championship, they won,” said Gallas.

William Gallas shocked Position of Former Club in Table

Former Chelsea defender William Gallas claims that he is extremely surprised to see his former club finish only 10th in the league table, it has been one of the disastrous campaigns for the blues.

Not only have they missed out on Champions League or any form of European football, but they came very close to finishing outside the top 10 after more than two decades. Gallas may have retired from football only recently, but he still has memories of his time at Chelsea. The Frenchman claims that Chelsea will be able to recover rather quickly when manager Anthony Conte comes in a summer.

The former Juventus boss has been signed on a three-year contract and he will take over from into the manager Guus Hiddink. Chelsea have had immense success with Italian managers in the past. The likes of Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto di Matteo, and many others have played a prominent role in the improvement of the club. Gallas claims that any club can go through such a disastrous period, but the important thing is to recover well and soon. Gallas says that Conte is a manager who wants to win tournaments and this attitude may suit Chelsea as a club.

Gallas represented Chelsea from 2001 to 2006."It was very, very hard to see Chelsea in this position, especially since I spent five years there.But it can happen, it can happen to the greatest clubs. I think next season will be another season. I hope that we will see Chelsea at the top.I knew it was not easy for them but seen from the outside, it was difficult to accept this situation. As I said, every season is different.Next season will be a new season for Chelsea. I think he [Conte] will bring his experience,” said Gallas.


French centre back, William Gallas is reported to be among the coalition of football icons that will promote peace and unity in Ghana ahead of the election.

GNA sports reveal that the former Gunner and Blues defender will join Ex-captain of Ghana, Stephen Appiah, before the election to promote tranquility as the nation goes to the polls.

The aim is to ensure unity despite the divisions in party.
The player who joined Arsenal amidst a controversy in 2006 will join by former Manchester United duo of Dwight Yorke and Louis Saha in the peace promotion campaign.

Appiah will lead a world XI side to play Kumasi Asante Kotoko and the Black Stars in Kumasi and Accra this June. The 2016 Peace Ambassador set the games up in a bid to promote peace in the West African country.

Sports Events organizers, Primeval Media and UnityMatchGH are the main promoters of the unity match. The match aims to draw the importance of peace during the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections on the 7th of November much later in the year.

Appiah was recently named 2016 peace ambassador. He has been a unifying factor for his country since active participation in the National team and continues now, even in retirement. Appiah is also involving Arsenal star, Sol Campbell in the unity match. The match will be sponsoered by telecoms giants, Vodafone.

Gallas was reported to have had threatened to score own goals in their shirt if they did not let him leave, prior to his move to The Gunners. He has vehemnety denied the claim several times. He won two Premier League titles with the Blues under Jose Mourinho but left under a cloud in 2006. He left for Arsenal as part of the Ashley Cole transfer the other way.

The Frenchman played four years in arsenal before to the Spurs in 2010/2011 season. The player eventually ended his career after his spell at Perth glory.