Manchester United and Manchester City coaches Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola continue with the sidelining of players this season.

The Premier League is boiling with excitement as the end is going to be very interesting with the antics the managers have up their sleeves in a bid to outdo one another. Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger already knows this but confirmed it publicly saying:

“It is a very exciting season. It looks like that [more difficult than ever] because it is a little bit world championships of managers as well, which means a lot of ambitions come with that as well and the expectation level everywhere is very high.”

The expectations are really high and the managers are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their aim. This includes expelling any player they do not want. Many have shown their disappointment with the way Mourinho is handling Veteran Bastian Schweinsteiger as the Portuguese tactician sees him as a German injury-plagued liability. He said: “Well, if they were not in my plans, I would not give them one single minute. I wouldn’t keep them in my squad.”

Mourinho didn’t start now, in his two times as Chelsea’s manager, he has sent players on exodus. In his first stint, there was Arjen Robben who has the tendency to pick up injuries every now and then, Mou kicked him out. French defender William Gallas left Stamford Bridge after his issues with the coach. Mourinho kicked out several like Adriano, Hernan Crespo – at Chelsea and Inter Milan.

At Madrid, he upset many by kicking out Iker Casillas. In his second spell at Chelsea, he cleared everyone from Cech to Ashley Cole, Luiz, Essien, Juan Mata, Schurrle, De Bruyne and Lukaku – who they are begging to resign.
In the same city of Manchester, Guardiola is showing he is in charge by keeping out Yaya Toure and Joe Hart from his squad. Despite his initial comments when he arrived at the Etihad, he has done just what he wanted. After pushing out Eto’o, Ronaldinho and Deco, Guardiola made several changes at Bayern Munich to reach his goal. The players that have been pushed out are just the unfortunate ones this term; it’s an age-long cycle.