Noel le Graet Hopes Ribery Will Return To The Game

The head of the football controlling body in France, Mr. Noel le Graet, is hopeful that one of the greatest players of the country Franck Ribery, who has recently retired from the internationals, will have a change of heart and he will return to the scheme of things for the national side.

Ribery is not that old age wise. He is only 31 and that’s why, many other people apart from Graet are also surprised at him making such a move.

It’s not that Ribery has slowed down or he isn’t as capable a player as he once was. He is actually at his prime at the moment. He’s been very good for Bayern Munich of late and he was supposed to be one of the guys whom the Les Blues would be dependent on in the European Championships in a couple of years’ time, but, to the shock of everybody, he’s quit.

Speaking about Ribery’s retirement yesterday, Graet said, “The man has huge potential and there’s no reason for him to stop playing international football just yet. I think he has made this call in a rush. He has so much to give to French football in the years to come.”

“It’s up to the manager as well to do something about it because he is the one who is in charge of the team.”

“As far as I am concerned, I think we need Franck at least for the Euro if not more. I would like to request him to sit in peace and give another thought to this decision of his. He is a committed guy and he loves his country. So, I hope he returns in team’s interests.”

Ribery has played 81 matches for the Les Blues scoring 16 goals.