The departure of Andre Villas-Boas from Tottenham allowed Tim Sherwood to step up to the plate and sign a contract as the new head coach which extends until the end of the 2014-15 season.

"Following the departure of Andre Villas-Boas, the Club can announce that Tim Sherwood has been appointed Head Coach with a contract to the end of the 2014/15 season," said a club statement.

"What would be ideal for me would be to have a chat with the chairman and see what's best for the football club moving forward," I need to know what they're thinking. I don't want this job for five minutes. That's no interest to me. Are we going to move it forward or not?

The introduction of Sherwood to the club has given a spark of hope for Emmanuel Adebayor to prove himself as the Togolese striker was almost never featured in the matches of Tottenham when Villas-Boas was in charge but now Sherwood has been giving him plenty of time on the pitch.

Adebayor made a stunning performance during Tottenham’s Premier League match against Southampton as he scored twice and helped his side overcome Southampton claiming all 3 points.

The problem with Adebayor is his inconsistency as he can play outstanding in a match but in the next one, be almost invisible which is something that has already happened before and the other forward that Tottenham have at their disposal aren’t doing much better.

Roberto Soldado has been underperforming and Jermain Defoe’s time on the starting lineup of the team is almost nonexistent. This is the main reason why Tottenham are so desesperately on the search of a striker that can fill their needs.

Marco Borriello is a big target for the Premier League club as he is only being used as a substitute player in As.Roma and already said that if any other club is interested in signing him then a move might be possible as he does not enjoy his current situation in Serie A.