William Gallas shocked Position of Former Club in Table

Former Chelsea defender William Gallas claims that he is extremely surprised to see his former club finish only 10th in the league table, it has been one of the disastrous campaigns for the blues.

Not only have they missed out on Champions League or any form of European football, but they came very close to finishing outside the top 10 after more than two decades. Gallas may have retired from football only recently, but he still has memories of his time at Chelsea. The Frenchman claims that Chelsea will be able to recover rather quickly when manager Anthony Conte comes in a summer.

The former Juventus boss has been signed on a three-year contract and he will take over from into the manager Guus Hiddink. Chelsea have had immense success with Italian managers in the past. The likes of Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto di Matteo, and many others have played a prominent role in the improvement of the club. Gallas claims that any club can go through such a disastrous period, but the important thing is to recover well and soon. Gallas says that Conte is a manager who wants to win tournaments and this attitude may suit Chelsea as a club.

Gallas represented Chelsea from 2001 to 2006."It was very, very hard to see Chelsea in this position, especially since I spent five years there.But it can happen, it can happen to the greatest clubs. I think next season will be another season. I hope that we will see Chelsea at the top.I knew it was not easy for them but seen from the outside, it was difficult to accept this situation. As I said, every season is different.Next season will be a new season for Chelsea. I think he [Conte] will bring his experience,” said Gallas.